Free geospatial data and services

AS "Latvias National Forests" (LVM) provides any geospatial data and services to developers and users free of charge.

Free services/products consist of: orthophoto, infrared spectrum orthophoto, vegetation crown models, vegetation elevation models, land elevation models, relief models and the Latvian army's standard topographical map scale of 1:75 000 (1921-1940). Services can also be accessed by Microstation users, as long as they use the AS "Latvias National Forests" geospatial information technology website to download the necessary files.

Also, vector data is accessable in data sets from AS "Latvias National Forest's and other forest mangement territories, land units, roads in the forests, bridges, highways, places of public interest, forest fire areas and others.

More detailed infromation on data and services can be found