"TopoDati" Ltd., is an IT company, that specialises in creating full-cycle IS solutions used in goverment institutions as well as leading companies in Latvia. The company's thorough knowledge in geomatics, finance and economic forecasting fields allows it to forsee the vision of future technology development and combinig it with versatile thinking, helps to inspire and involve their clients

Measurement Data Center

Our company serves surveying companies, and works the topographical measurments and engineering communication blueprints and projects, as a result, municipalites get prompt, exact and free engineering system data about each territory

Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University's Geomatics department train specialists in: GIS, Remote Sensing, cartopgraphy and other goedesy fields since 1991. Training courses and projects are created in 2D and 3D GIS, using HEXAGON GEOSPATIAL, ESRI and open source GIS programming


SIA "Mikrokods" insight in GIS development, custom and specialized requirements and GIS consulting has been around since 1993. "Mikrokods" is the the international company Bentley Systems and Hexagon Geospatial representative in Latvia

Jana seta

"Jāņa sēta" has been creating maps and processing GIS data since 1992. From the beggining, the workers there have been extremely dedicated and knowledgeable, making cartography not only their job, but something more. Their professionalism and passion has allowed them to excell and become world renowned

JSC Latvia's State Forests

JSC Latvia's State Forests is a forest management company, but one of it's business units are developing geospatial information technologies (GIT). Geospatial information technology business unit not only offer GIT products and services internally, but also to clients specializing in various industries


SIA Envirotech provides many different GIS platform developments (Desktop, Internet and Mobile), to suit GIS project needs, realizing special requirements and functionailty that are required during facilitation, automation and simplification of data etc. for the project