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The main objective of the organization is to unite Latvia's GIS users and developers that develop, provide software, produce and use geospatial information. Most active policy makers from the industry are members of the association. The Latvia's GIS Association was established in 2005. The association is a member of European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI, http://eurogi.org/) and an observer member at Nordic Network for Geodata and GIS (GI Norden, http://www.ginorden.org/)

Mission and objectives

  • to promote GIS technologies and it’s use in Latvia
  • identify geospatial information technology user needs
  • develop educational programs related to geospatial information and technologies
  • represent association's member and overall industry interests in Latvia and in an international level


Latvia's GIS Association
VAT number.: 40008087680
Address: Krasta iela 105a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1019
Phone number: +371 29237506
SWEDBANK AS: LV31HABA0551034963691


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