GeoDataHub. Now up-and-running

The 23rd of May marked the launch of the GeoDataHub - now fully operating geospatial services portal, that invites potential users to take advantage of this unique Baltic geospatial data services. GeoDataHub is now looking forward to competing with global data vendors like Google in the Baltic region by providing sophisticated pan-Baltic geospatial services for web and mobile app developers. The recently launched portal offers improved data accuracy and precision, regular data updates, transparent and convenient pricing policy.

The University of Latvia and the Microsoft Innovation Center in Riga gathered around 60 professionals from GIS- and IT-related businesses and institutions to celebrate the launch of the GeoDataHub and to share business use-cases from industries actively using different geospatial service. The event was hosted by architect and entrepreneur Gunita Kuļikovska from software startup Vividly who presented the portal and its advantages. Representatives of Reach-U Ltd (Estonia) and Jana seta Map Publishers Ltd (Latvia), the founding companies of GeoDataHub, shared their excitement and revealed the plans to compete with global and local providers of geospatial services, as well as, to expand the scope of the portal.

The Estonian Reach-U and Latvian Jana seta Map Publishers have been well-appreciated as dependable geospatial solution developers and service providers in their home countries, now they have combined their efforts to create accurate and regularly updated pan-Baltic services, divided into three product groups: Location (includes geocoding and reverse geocoding, address components and Points of Interest search), Maps (coloured and grayscale base map), and Directions (Routing and Route optimisation). These APIs are suitable for companies operating all around the Baltics that are looking towards ways to boost up productivity and efficiency. There are many aspects of why GeoDataHub products might look more favourable for these companies, instead of other similar services.

Ülo Säre, CEO of Reach-U Ltd, emphasised a strong focus on software developing companies: “GeoDataHub gives the developer the freedom to use any kind of open-source or commercial SDK to create visually smart, user -friendly and functional geodata-related applications. GeoDataHub API’s have been built considering even the most demanding developer’s needs.  The hassle-free implementation of GeoDataHub API’s has been made simple by examples and instructions in the portal library. Reach-U is looking forward to challenging questions and use-cases from our development partners.”

Mārtiņš Vimba, CEO and Member of the Board of Jana seta Map Publishers Ltd, urged: “Geospatial API are vital for small and medium-size businesses. GeoDataHub has developed a transparent and clear pricing plan, that meets the needs of different organizations. The enterprise can take advantage of the free plan or choose from multiple pricing plans offered.”

The established common geospatial data structure (request and response parameters) is adapted to the needs of the Baltic region, which solves the compatibility issues of different datasets. It is crucial to saving so precious time that can be spent on other aspects of organizations or enterprises business enhancement, rather than manipulating with data structures. Moreover, geospatial data and information encompassing the Baltic region is more accurate and detailed location-wise, especially in rural areas. GeoDataHub operates with regularly updated geodata, combined from different data sources, including company own data, governmental data and data from open sources.

Alongside the presentation and demonstration of the GeoDataHub portal, there was a panel with experienced decision-makers from industries actively using different geospatial services, such as package delivery, forest management, logistics and emergency at the launch event. Representatives of DPD Latvija, Mappost, Meditec and JSC Latvia's State Forests underlined the importance of geodata and geospatial services to improve their productivity that is essential to their daily work-flow. They admitted that they are looking forward to trying out the GeoDataHub APIs, as well as, start to provide their own geospatial services through the portal.

GeoDataHub welcomes all the developers and decision-makers to join the Portal and explore products and their prices and documentation, and then try the services out. Customer support in Latvian, Estonian and English is provided to ensure the best experience.

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Reach-U Ltd (Estonia) and Jana seta Map publishers Ltd (Latvia) project “Baltic geodata Marketplace” (Est-Lat29) has received the support of Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme.

The project is being implemented in the Estonian - Latvian (EST-LAT) cross-border cooperation programme in the thematic objective “Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs” priority axis "Active and attractive business environment." The total eligible cost of the project is 765 584.45 EUR, of which 493 198.57 EUR would be provided by the European Regional Development Fund, the Estonian - Latvian cross-border cooperation programme Interreg.