GeoDataHub invites tech-savvy businesses to the self-service portal and geospatial API service usage for demonstration and testing period

Companies Jana seta Map Publishers (Latvia) and Reach-U (Estonia), leaders in Baltic geospatial services, have created a unique set of solutions under the project name GeoDataHub. This self-service portal and geospatial API service usage platform allows companies and their technology consultants to create tailor-made geospatial digital tools to enhance company competitiveness.

“For years we know the term “software as a service”, nowadays GeoDataHub provides “geodata as a service” wide spectrum of geospatial services that are cloud-based and offered for business solutions as API’s so companies can implement them into their IT&T projects seamlessly,” explains Mārtiņš Vimba, CEO and Member of the Board of Jana seta Map Publishers.

The geospatial data industry market is constantly growing, as increasingly more businesses and institutions need geospatial data in their activities. With GeoDataHub Baltic leaders - two largest geospatial sector companies are able to provide up-to-date and high-quality spatial data to any of the current aspects of local or international business operating in Baltics.

GeoDataHub solutions are able to compete with global services, especially by providing the most current and most accurate data for customers. The big players of the field are not interested to frequently update their data as for them the region is a small market and thus not a priority,” explains Ülo Säre, CEO of Reach-U.

GeoDataHub invites tech-savvy businesses for demonstration and testing period with full access of services and “sandbox” for implementing API’s in real, operational applications and solutions.

At the current stage, the product consists of two components – the self-service portal and geospatial API services. The created geospatial API services are - basemap (WMS and TMS), routing, address geocoding and reverse geocoding, address component service and Point of Interest (POI) search.

“Geospatial services can be used in various applications – we can work on location-based navigation, location-based search and advertising, location-based tracking, location-based infotainment and many others. The Baltic region can be used by international companies as the hub for global and local shipping activities across all transportation modes and smart location-enhanced tools can be helpful to ensure utmost efficiency in process, thus giving more revenue,” continues Mārtiņš Vimba.

What started with maps on paper and cartography has evolved into an advanced technology industry. GeoDataHub provides geospatial data as a service-wide spectrum of geospatial services to be integrated into clients IT&T projects seamlessly.

Self-service portal GeoDataHub and seasoned professionals from Latvia and Estonia are there - for the Baltic businesses to help them work in a more efficient way, be ahead of the competition in changing the environment and to deliver best possible service to their clients.

Please go and visit to find more about solutions you could use to enhance your company’s productivity. GeoDataHub geospatial services in full production mode will be available from May 17.

“Reach-U” Ltd (Estonia) and “Jana seta Map publishers” Ltd (Latvia) project “Baltic geodata Marketplace” (Est-Lat29) has received the support of Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme.

The project is being implemented in the Estonian - Latvian (EST-LAT) cross-border cooperation programme in the thematic objective “Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs” priority axis "Active and attractive business environment."

The total eligible cost of the project is 765 584.45 EUR, of which 493 198.57 EUR would be provided by the European Regional Development Fund, the Estonian - Latvian cross-border cooperation programme Interreg.