Evaluation of combined national Geoportal

Geoportal is the nation's combined geospatial information portal. Geoportal's goal is to secure a unified acess point for the nation's and municipal geospatial information, a combined use betweeen institutions and geospatial information re-use, adhearing to the "Geospatial information rule". Geoportal users are data holders (public instutions/organizations, comercial and municipal), administrators (VRAA administrators) and others looking to use the data (citizens, public administrations, merchants and municipalities).

Geoportal and geospatial products are necesarry to the previously mentioned data holders and those looking to use the data, however currently Latvia's GIS association members and other partners have very little use of the portal. There are varying public opinions about Geoportal, and therefore we have decided to ask for a constructive assesment on why the portal is not being used as much, what we can change to improve the portal and create a unified access point for geosptial information.

The Latvian GIS association's assesment on the use of the combined Geoportal can be filled out here: Evaluation of Geoportal