Latvia's Geospatial Information Technology Conference December 7th, 2018

Latvia's GIS association and its partners are hosting the second conference this year on December 7th, 2018 at The Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of University of Latvia, the same location it was hosted at in the previous year. The goal of the conference is to gain a better understanding of geospatial technology, the role it plays in Latvia, and further develop the industry.

At the end of last year, the first Latvia's Geospatial Information Technology conference was hosted. Almost 300 industry professionals and other intereted parties gathered, and the conference had two sessions with 23 Latvian and non-latvian speakers . Until this past year, this large of an industry related conference had not happened, and the organizers recieved extremly positve feedback. Participants were able to not only learn about the actual industry from presentations and speakers, but also meet with other collegues and related professionals in a non-workplace environment to share valuable insight and information.

The first conference covered more broad topics, and outlined general trends of the industry- questions on geospatial data, accessibility and use, international and inter-industry projects,  teaching/learning oppurtunities for professionals and others interested, and industry development. This year, the conference will focus more on industry trends around the world, new innovations in the geospatial technology industry, and also focus on developer projects and solutions.

This year's conference will have many more foreign guests and presenters, and it is confirmed that Google corporation's geospatial solutions technician Ed Parsons will be attending. This year organizers also plan to increase conference parcipitant limit to 400 guests.

Information about the conference is available on the hompage at Conference. As the event draws near, more information will be added to the page about presenters,themes, etc.